Why Act Now? Because…

  • About 20% of workers say they have no savings at all.
  • Half of U.S. workers have less than $25,000 in total savings.
  • Nearly 50% of all women have done no retirement planning.
  • Set up a "sinking fund" for money to cover an upcoming, expected expense, such as purchasing a car or replacing your home's furnace or roof.
  • Have an "emergency fund" to cover the unexpected. This could be an unexpected car repair, medical bills, or an emergency flight home to your parents. Most low-income households don't have enough emergency savings on hand for the unexpected, such as funerals or car repairs.
  • To live comfortably in retirement, you'll need 75%-80% of your pre-retirement income.
  • The sooner you start saving for retirement, the better your money will work for you through compounding interest.